This morning, we checked into the Diptyque sample sale at C21 Edition in downtown Manhattan. The good news is there was no line outside or at the register. The bad news is there were no more standard candles; only holiday candles available. A staffer told me all the regular candles were snapped up the first day. The large signs limiting customers to just 10 Standard candles seem silly to have up now.

That said, if you like the French home and fragrance label’s other products, you may be in luck depending on what you’re looking for. We tried to take plenty of photos so take a look at the gallery below.

There were fragrances (lots of eau de toilette, some parfums and roll on parfum) displayed on a number of shelves. We spotted the following scents:  Neroli, L’Ombre dans l’eau, Florabellio, L’eau de Tarocco, L’Eau de L’Eau, Ofresia, Vetyverio, Volutes, Do Son, Eau de Lierre also the limited edition 34 (Trente Quatre).

There was also skincare available: nourishing cleansing balm ($32), protective moisturing lotion ($36), multi use exfoliating scrub ($32), radiance boosting powder ($29).

Pricing is the same for the sale items expect one item which was going for an additional 20% off. It was the Amber solid perfume which was left untouched.

I’m told that there will be NO restocking. Tomorrow is the last day. Perhaps, they’ll offer further reductions.

Where/When: C21 Edition, 21 Dey Street. Thru Thursday, March 3 8am-6pm.