Various tops from Pilotto for Target collection

While there was a pretty good turnout at the Target in Brooklyn, the two stores in New Jersey that Fashionable Femme Jen stopped into early this morning were fairly tame. Jen gives us her findings:

I went to visit my parents this weekend in NJ. As my mom was wreaking havoc in the kitchen at 7:30 AM, I decided to exit and check out the Peter Pilotto for Target collection. There was no crowd at the Bridgewater, NJ Target, but then again, there wasn’t a whole lot of selection either. Maybe the eBay-ers already got there.

There was one lady who had loaded her cart with one each of the small and x-small sizes…and clearly does not wear a small (maybe those were for a daughter or niece?). I was surprised that this Target did not carry the $80 sleeveless jacquard printed dress or the one-piece bathing suit. A handful of shoppers were browsing the collection – about half of them being bored spouses/significant other.

Out of curiosity, I dragged my honey to a second Target closeby in Watchung. Surprisingly, the Watchung Target had most of the collection, minus the black and white asymmetric skirt and a bustier swimsuit top. There were three people browsing the collection at 8:45 AM, though the staff said a crowd had already tried on a bunch of stuff. I didn’t see a lot of people walking out with Pilotto purchases.

Overall, I thought the collection was OK and nothing beyond the design or quality of the regular Target offerings. There is low opportunity for confusion between this collaboration and the ‘real thing.’ To give an idea of pricing, the round sunglasses in a red or black and white pattern are $16.99 each, a sleeveless shirt dress with a black collar top and light blue floral pattern is $34.99, the one piece swimsuit is also $34.99, the blue patterned ‘moto jacket’ is $59.99, a tank in red floral print is $24.99 and the red or blue short sleeve belted dress is $44.99.

No need to rush to the store– there’s plenty of everything left (except the $79.99 jacquard dress in red iris) and I bet it will all be on sale in a couple weeks. –Fashionable Femme Jen.

more colorful Pilotto pieces on rack

wide shot of Target aisle, few customers

More Pilotto pieces on display

various Pilotto swimwear

 Pilotto pieces, jacket and bottoms on display