A lot of people still write using pen and paper. That’s evident at the Montblanc sample sales where lots of shoppers always turn out. While writing instruments are the highlight, fellow shopper, Deme, who checked out yesterday’s preview tells us there was so much more!

“This year, Montblanc sale has more merchandise than in previous years.  More of everything.  More ballpoint and fountain pens, briefcases, cufflinks, phone holders and belts.  I came away with the Mont Blanc leather document tray ($199 from $665).  The remaining trays all have scratches so be sure to examine before you purchase.  Everything is priced as marked. ” – Deme

Pricing Examples are Below:

  • Pen pouch $62
  • Princess Grace pen (now $398, orig. $995)
  • Boheme Bleu pen (now $285, orig. $715)
  • Venetian pen (now $718, orig. $1,796)
  • Double briefcase (now $620, orig. $1,550)
  • Star Walker pen (now $242, orig. $605)
  • Miles Davis pen (now $1,232, orig. $3,080)
  • Sartorial trolley suitcase (now $760, orig. $1,900)
  • Belts (now $105, orig over $200)
  • Paper weight (great executive gift now $50, orig. $125)

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