Prices were good but the pickings were slim at the Catherine Malandrino sale in Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion.  Since this was the first day, I wonder if all the good stuff walked out the door earlier in the day.  I did notice that a lot of the merchandise was piled up in the dressing room – waiting to be put out into the sales floor.  Employees were working frantically to put the items out.

I arrived at this sale around 7pm and had to stand in line for about an hour before I could go inside.  I went with a friend, Bianca who was looking for a colorful classic Malandrino.  She didn’t find anything colorful, but she did find a couple of black dresses ($125 and $175) – one with the signature Malandrino embroidery.  She opted to pass on the dresses.  They weren’t exactly what she wanted.  A crocheted black cotton mid-waist sweater ($90) caught my eye.  But I didn’t love it so I walked away from the sale empty handed.  I was disappointed with the dresses at this sale.  None of them inspired me.  There appeared to be a lot of castoffs.  Not a lot of the wonderful Malandrino pieces that I’ve seen in previous sales.

Here’s the price list:  dresses are all $125-$175; blouses & knit tops are $90; skirts, pants and shorts are $60; jackets & coats $140-$150; leather dresses $175 and leather jackets $225.

I’m hopeful that sale organizers will be restocking 0r at least putting out the merchandise from the dressing room.  I’ll probably check back on the last day (this Friday) to see if they slash prices and if that sweater that I was eyeing is still there.

Where/When: Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St., nr. 7th Ave. W (10–9), Th–F (8–8), Extended to Sat 11-7