New York based footwear brand, Margaux, concludes its sample sale at its offices in Chelsea today. I quickly stopped in before they closed yesterday. The brand is known for its ballet flats and relatively new, started two years ago.

I stumbled on them at their sample sale back in January when I scored a couple of pairs of flats which I’ve been wearing this spring. The ballet flats really held up, very comfortable. Great basics for casual errands around town.

As for this sale which started on Thursday… unfortunately, sizing is limited. At this point, they have more large sizes (39, 40, 41) and smalls (35-36). There’s not a lot of the popular sizes (37 and 38).

Pricing ranges from $45 for the custom orders and $75 for classic suede and production footwear is $100. The sale ends today (June 17th) at 6pm. Where: Margaux Showroom, 37 W. 20th Street, Suite 1206, New York, NY.