scene of shoppers through the window of the store

Marc Jacob’s winter handbag sale at his Mercer Street store in Soho was unbelievably mobbed.  I had a feeling that the line would be long, but I never imagined how long.  I stood out in the cold with dozens and dozens of women for nearly three hours.  I had to pop out of line a couple of times and go to the Angelica movie theater up the block to warm up.  My friend, Sheri, even stopped by to check out the scene.  She couldn’t stay and had to go on a video shoot.  She felt so bad for me that she left her heavy wool-lined leather gloves to keep my fingers warm.  I don’t think any of us expected that day to be so cold.  A woman standing in front of me wore sneakers, sweats and a light coat.  What was she thinking?  After a couple of hours, she said “my feet are numb!”  I told her to go inside somewhere to thaw out.  Another woman wore a full length mink coat.  She barely wore anything underneath – just a T-shirt, leggings and Ugg boots.  I thought – surely that mink would keep her toasty but after two hours, she was shivering like the rest of us.

I passed the time by exchanging shopping stories with the girls standing next to me.  One woman in her early twenties said she had never waited in a sale line for any designer and that she felt standing in line today was worth it since this was for an MJ handbag. Minutes after she said that an SUV drove by.   The door swung open and to our shock, out came Marc Jacobs himself.  He didn’t even take a second look at the line.  He sauntered over to the Mercer Hotel where he keeps a room.