The lines to get in the Hermès sale before they opened this morning wrapped around 3 blocks! Mushkie was among those who got there early. She gives us her review:

“The wait is longer this year probably because of the nice weather and they’re letting in less people at a time than last year.
There was lots of drama while I was waiting online. A girl got asked for her number by a passing stranger. A woman tried to cut the line and a screaming match ensued.

People were getting uptight when 9 rolled around and the line wasn’t moving. They were only letting 10 people in a shift check in. Once you checked in you have to wait inside and again on the stairs.

Security is very serious. There are bouncers every few feet in all areas to ensure the strict no photography rule. They don’t even let you talk on your phone if you are near the enamel table.

Shoes line up the entire right wall and the corner when you come in. You take 60% off the box price. There is no limit on the shoes, but there are limits on the enamels (5), scarves (5),and ties (10).

Scarves are in abundant and were being restocked. I’m not sure about the rumors saying that everything will be out on Saturday. Staff were being very secretive about when and what will be restocked. Scarves at 60% off is a sweet deal! 90 scarves are $158. 70 are $120. Twilly are $64. Ties are on the other side of the scarves and are $72 or $90.

Enamels are in showcases by the wall. I saw a few repeats from last year but also many new styles added. Small bracelets are $172. Wide ones are extra large are $280, and mega wide are $308. I saw 2 leather bracelets but they were thin and yellow.
Clothes are on racks and shelves in the rest of the venue where everything is 60% off. Nobody was seen browsing this area.
I saw some hats near the enamel displays but no China, baby items, or perfume.

My opinion is to try to go first thing in the morning tomorrow when hopefully everything will be fully restocked. But early means EARLY!” – Mushkie

Where/When: Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St. Thru Oct 24; Thurs-Fri (9am-7pm), Sat (9am-6pm).