It was really warm and stuffy in the Mackage showroom in the Garment District when I stopped in Monday evening to check out the coats.  The space wasn’t crowded – a smattering of shoppers were browsing the racks.  A few of them tried on some of the wool coats despite the heat.  With today’s projected forecast at 85-degrees, let’s hope they turn on the air conditioner.  If  you’re looking for a winter or leather coat, you’ll find quite a few choices here.  Let’s start with the Mackage raincoats:  short nylon coats are $115; the full length ones are $135.  The Mackage leather coats hover in price between $300 to $350, depending on style and length.  Mackage winter coats made of wool were going for under $300.  Soia & Kyo coats were under $300 for leather.

In the same showroom, I found more warm-weather appropriate clothing in the Candela NYC section.  Here you’ll find feminine tops and dresses – for day and evening.  Many of the pieces are accented with lace or embellished with beading.  A lace mini dress caught my eye as well as a lace top ($50 each).  There was also khaki and black canvas stud jackets ($100).  A limited selection of strappy sandals and shoes were up for grabs for $100.  The leather belts (made in Argentina) were a steal for $20.  The showroom’s sale ends today at 7pm.  It’s CASH only.

Where/When: 275 W. 39th St., nr. Eighth Ave., seventh fl.; May 24 to 25 M–T (noon–7).