The first day of the LeSportsac sample sale brought out the brand’s fans.  It was mobbed tonight.  The line to get into Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street snaked around the block.  Many people waited more than one hour.  I stopped by around 7pm.  After surveying this line, I decided to forgo the wait.  I wondered if all these people would even make it inside by the time the doors closed.

The LeSportsac folks apparently have cleaned out their warehouse racks to bring the shoppers here current and past merchandise in all sorts of styles and colors.  You’ll even find some Stella McCartney as well as the LeSportsac Classics, tokidoki and Remix.

A shopper showed me her goods as she was walking out.  All basics – a black backpack $40 (originally priced at $120), a small black messenger bag $20 (originally priced at $69), a cosmetic bag & wallet for $10 each.  She said she got in line at 4pm just when sale organizers started to let people in.  The shopper had to wait an hour-and-a-half to finally get in.  But she got the goods for a steal.

Where/When: 123 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave., fourth fl. Thru June 11 (8am-9pm).

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