Sale organizers are offering further reductions (and “special offers”) now that the Montblanc sample sale is close to ending. Tomorrow is the last day. A tipster (Thanks again, D!) sent us photos from the sale.

The first day of the sale generated long lines – an indication that people are still writing longhand. Our fellow shopper didn’t give us a review, but if you look at the photo gallery, you’ll see a sampling of what’s on offer – writing instruments, leather briefcases, watches and cufflinks. She did tell us that a classic Montblanc ballpoint pen is now $210 (originally $750) and another is now $319 (orig. $950).

Sale ends tomorrow at 2pm.  Where:  260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28th and 29th Streets), Thru June 9; (9am-2pm).


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