The Jimmy Choo sample sale taking place at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea ends today.  This morning, there was no line unlike yesterday evening when the line outside stretched down the block.

When I stepped into the large room on the 5th floor, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Unlike the last sale, this time it’s much more organized. The footwear is placed on racks by size or on tables. Handbags are either on stands or displayed on tables.

Many of the choices here are past season and some of the sale items were damaged or worn such as the handbags. We suggest you look carefully before you buy!

There’s plenty of merchandise. But some sizes are better represented than others such as a size 7 (37) for women where there were a number of racks.  Other Women’s size offerings included:  plenty of of size 10 (40) and a rack or two of size 4-9 (34-39) and 12, 13 (42/43). As for the men’s selection, we spotted size 40-45.

Pricing appears to be the same as last season. Women’s shoes start at $200 for “generics” and go up to $375 for boots. All men’s shoes are $150. For the rest of pricing, look to the pricelist in the gallery.

As we mentioned, sale ends today. We hear that the doors are likely to close at 6:30pm. Last time, sale organizers slashed prices in the last hours of the sale. This may happen again today. If you happen to be there when further reductions are offered, we’d love to hear from you!