We stopped into the La Perla sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue on Thursday evening. We found lots of ‘this and that’ but a very limited selection of bras.

Bra sizes are limited to the following: 34 C,D,E; 36 B,C,D,E; 38 B,C,D

There was other lingerie pieces on offer such as panties, bustiers, body suits, garters and other accessories. Styles were limited and we noticed that there lots of the same styles hanging on the racks.

There were also more swimwear options than previous sales. These pieces can be found along the wall on one side of the space. Although, there were lots of the same styles.

Other ‘this and that’ options include random ready-to-wear, PJs and footwear (women and men) which are in the back of the space.

If you’re willing to discover pieces, then it’s worth checking out. But I wouldn’t go if you have specific items you’re looking for.

One important note: there are no dressing rooms.

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