A fellow shopper (Thanks, D!) stopped into the La Garçonne sample sale which is taking place this week in Soho. This Tribeca boutique is known for its minimalist, meticulously curated pieces.  Our tipster who is a fan and has been to a previous sale, tells us this one isn’t as great as the last one. Here’s more:

“The location isn’t nearly as inviting as at the previous sale. First of all, it’s on the 4th fl. and a sign says if you’re going to the sample sale take the stairs. Grrrr!

Second, the space is too small for the amount of merchandise. Clothes are crammed on racks to the point where you have to pull out each piece just to see it. The pricing wasn’t worth the effort personally.

The majority of the clothing is the house brand ( Moderne (designed by owner Kris Kim) but there are pieces from Isabel Marant, Comme de Garcons, the defunct Band of Outsiders, Phillip Lim and more. About a 1/3 as many shoes as at the previous sales. I spotted a pair of Isabel Marant boots I bought a couple of years from La Garconne. They were on sale a couple of years ago for about the same price. There is one small rack of men’s clothing. There is also communal space for ~2 people to try on clothing. But the staff is friendly and as usual the designs are hip.” – Deme

Our tipster did take some photos. While we wait for her to send them to us, we wanted to get this report out. We’ll update it later with a Our tipster came through! See the photo gallery below, which includes several price-tags. From looking at them, it appears items are 70% off retail.