Quite a number of bloggers already warned us about the Hermès sample sale but we had to see for ourselves… Fashionable Femme Jen wandered into Soiffer Haskin on West 33rd Street yesterday and gives us her report:

Between the horde of security, scant dribble of shoppers and lack of merchandise, awkward would be the word that best describes the Hermes sample sale. As for the discount, everything seems to be 50% off retail. Unlike most sales where I find myself choosing between items to put back, it was tough to find even one item I’d want to buy.

The women’s shoe selection consists of mostly strappy, open toe styles in candy colors that will set you back about $725. The slip-on styles are slightly less expensive. There is also a section of boots and booties for around $1,500. Most shoe sizes between 36 and 41 are represented, though it seems like there are only one–at most two–of each style (except the slip-ons). Larger sizes have a bit more of a selection. The Men’s shoe selection is quite meager.

Clothing ranges from sizes 34 to 44, and there’s plenty of it! There are shelves upon shelves of men’s items. For the women, there is a section of knits/sweaters and racks of dresses and suiting. Sweaters run about $350 to $750 and dresses are mostly around the $1,500 range. There is also a table with a handful of neutral colored knit leggings for $500 or so. I see a variety of belted dresses in red, black and beige. There are also black leather blazers and jackets for about $4,000.

In the housewares section, there is scratched silver, heavy crystal and porcelain available. I did see a nice red glass goblet for $375 after discount (but are you really willing to pay $375 for ONE glass?), and only about 3-4 different styles of porcelain (including the green Rythme set). Near the door, there’s a section of men’s hats, women’s sun hats and unisex knit caps between $192 and $250 after discount (and some more expensive styles as well). There are also a couple pairs of red and brown leather gloves for about $300 a pair. Just to re-iterate–what has already been said about the sale is true. No jewelry, no scarves, no bags, no ties…. No need to rush to the Hermes sale this time around….

-Fashionable Femme Jen

Where/When: Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.). Thru Sept 8th. Thurs-Fri (9-7p), Sat (9-6p).

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