The Jimmy Choo sample sale ends tomorrow, Friday May 11th at 8pm. We stopped by yesterday after work to find a line that wasn’t too long but after reading the comments in an earlier Post, we decided to forgo the wait and skip it.

One of our readers went on the first day and tells us that this sale is “one you can skip without losing any sleep.” Here’s more from our tipster who also sent us photos of damaged shoes from the sale:

“I actually went to the sale specifically hoping to find a Havana Boot. While I imagined the odds were minimal of finding a pair at all, I was a little shocked by the condition of the only pair I did find. (See photo below).

I’m a huge Jimmy Choo fan, and, in the past, have gotten a decent pair of footwear at the sample sale. Maybe all the ‘good stuff’ was snatched up yesterday.

Some scuffs on the soles are fine, but there were several pairs of boots in the same or similar conditions as the Havana, and I was in shock they were asking $325 for them!

I did see a pair of YULE boots in a size 41 that were in good condition, and I saw a lot of cute items in size 37, so there were some good things, but in size 39, the pickings were slim.” – Ann #2

You can read more comments here. If you haven’t shared your story, we’d love to hear from you and those who’ve already commented and want to add more…

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