The Rag & Bone sample sale at Chelsea Market opens to the public tomorrow morning. Today, we checked out the deals at the brand’s preview. This time, I tag teamed with Mushkie. We both found the sale to offer plenty of merchandise for both men and women.

“Merchandise consists of both past and current seasons. In my opinion, selection was better last time around in June. But that depends on what you’re looking for. Even with what I think was so-so selection, you’ll likely come out with something!

Pricing is the same as last time with a few exceptions. Dresses are cheaper going for $150 (previously $185), and women’s collection jackets/blazers are $215 (previously $250/$200). See the end of the article for detailed pricing.

Layout is the same as pasts sales held in this venue. Footwear is right when you come in. Handbags and small leather goods ($125-$275) are sprinkled on shelving throughout the space. Tables of sweaters/tees in the middle of the room and racks of dresses tops, bottoms and accessories spread around the space. Women’s jeans are downstairs with the men’s wear.

Sample boots ($95) are laid out near the stock footwear. Check the samples for defects. I was about to purchase a pair of sample boots but when I wanted to try them on I saw the zipper was broken.

There is also a few sample racks of apparel. There is no sign of the sample pricing. I was very disappointed when I went to checkout. The cashier told me that sample pieces have the same price as stock merchandise. The same goes for the sample accessories.

I spotted winter accessories that are current season and selling online or sold out, but obviously cheaper here!

Jeans (all at $90) are abundant and are laid out on tables next to the dressing room downstairs.

Also downstairs is the menswear. Table of tops consist of shirts $50, long-sleeve shirts $60, and sweaters $120. Outerwear is hanging on racks.

Sales associates are friendly and helpful so don’t hesitate to enquire about anything.

Sale goes through Sunday. Sometimes there are markdowns the last day and sometimes not. Time will tell what will happen this time around.” – Muskie
Woman’s Price List

  • Shirt/Top $100
  • Dresses $150
  • Jeans $90
  • Leather jackets $495
  • Leather dress $450
  • Leather separates $300
  • Tees $65
  • Sweaters $135
  • Jean t-shirt $45
  • Jean long sleeve t-shirt $55
  • Jean sweater $85
  • Jean dress $95


  • Collection Hats $85
  • Beanie/scarf $65
  • Mittens $125
  • Large handbags $275
  • Small handbag $195
  • Small leather goods $125


  • Flats $150
  • Boots/Heels $225

Where/When: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue (b/w 15th & 16th Streets). Thru Sunday, Jan 17th. Wed-Fri (10:30am-8pm), Sat (11am-7pm), Sun (11am-3pm).