Illesteva eyewear is handmade in Italy and designed in New York City… This week, they’re hosting a sample sale in Soho. Sabrina Theresa has our report:

“Upon arriving at the illesteva sample sale in Soho, I had to wait outside in a short 5 person line before being let in. After waiting for about 5 minutes, I took the elevator to the fourth floor where the sale is being held at the company’s headquarters.

The eyewear was organized by style in two rooms. The most common styles are Leonard ($120) and Leonard II ($140). There were also wooden and mask sunglasses (both $50). Otherwise, there was a wide variety of sunglass frames (in various sizes and materials including acetate and stainless steel) that generally ranged between $50 and $180 and opticals that were $85. All these are significant discounts off retail prices. Keep in mind that all sales are final. There are no adjustments, lens swaps, or warranties.

Also for sale are a handful of Flamingo bags ($175) as well as glasses cases ($10).

Despite the small space that got a bit congested at times, the selection and pricing were good. Plus, the associates were helpful and even provided feedback to folks trying on options. If you’re in the market for quality glasses, drop in! I got three pair that I really like.” – Sabrina Theresa