When the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) last week recommended that all Americans wear face masks, we saw an increase of people making their own. The #facemask hashtag trended on Instagram.

Even before the CDC recommendations, there were lots of people sewing their own masks.

With the scarcity of personal protection equipment (PPE) for hospital workers, designer Christian Siriano, rebooted his studio in Manhattan to help with the shortage of masks and gowns.

We began in mid-March experimenting on how to make masks. We’re now sharing some of the images of our designs.

If you want to make a mask, it’s pretty easy. There’s now plenty of “how-tos”, instructing even those without a sewing machine on how to create your own masks. The New York Times quickly came up with a guide – all you need is fabric, needle and thread. The Guardian also published their own instruction, using a T-shirt or handkerchief.

If you have a sewing machine, here’s one instruction which also has an easy tutorial on YouTube.

If you’ve also join in this effort, let us know here in comments or on our Instagram page.