A bit off our beaten track but something some of you avid bargain hunters may want to check out is the HABITnyc liquidation sale in Midtown. Sabrina tells us about the deals there:

“HABITnyc is wardrobe rental house for media production (tv, movies, etc.) and they’re liquidating their showroom in Midtown.

Oh-em-gee. There is SO much stuff (racks, boxes, tables, drawers, chests overflowing) and the prices are unbelievable. They have any and every type of clothing, shoe, and accessory you could think of under the sun. There is one room with racks of shoes, another with designer clothing and shoes (priced as marked, but negotiable), a third area with jackets/blazers/coats, a fourth space with sunglasses/bags/ jewelry from all eras, and then a large space with clothes. Nearly everything was in very good quality.

Being in the showroom was like stepping behind the scenes of a movie set. I was completely overwhelmed and in amazement by the assortment of items. The most interesting piece I saw was a Spanish bullfighter bolero. All that to say – don’t expect to run in and run out. If you’re really in the mood to shop, it will take at least an hour just to make your way through the space. I spent 2.5 hours there and walked away with 4 pair of sunglasses ($15 each), a lovely purse, a stunning 90’s JOOP! jacket, and several pair of designer shoes (Armani, Louboutin, Chloe) all under $100. I’m thinking about going back to go through the endless boxes of accessories. Definitely stop by – it’s a unique sale and you’re certain to find something cool!” Sabrina of Sabrina Theresa

Where/When: 306 W 38th St 16 fl, New York, NY 10018. Mon-Fri (9am-6pm) Closed on Weekends.