The former Lilith Outlet in Park Slope, Brooklyn is now called Gut and features some of the same high-end brands the old boutique carried and others at deep discounts. Through August 1, the shop is hosting a sample sale.

A huge fan of the shop (Teri) gives us her review:

Sarah is back. For those who do not know Sarah, let me introduce her to you – she is the store. And the store is more than a store. The way she displays the clothes looks like an upscale gallery – ceramic pieces and other art items are displayed throughout. Her taste is subtle but striking at the same time. She’s always remarkably dressed – many times wearing signature pieces of the different upscale lines.

It’s also hard to go hungry if you stop by. There’s usual a bowl of something to snack and if you hit the store on one of the party days – you’re in for a real treat – a delightful spread of tasty cucumber sandwiches and chocolate coupled with champagne greeted me at her opening a few weeks.

Right now and through August 1, Gut is hosting a Lunn sample sale and up to 80% off select Lilith and some M. Patmos items. I stopped by last Saturday – yes one of the 100 degree days – and was greeted with a cold glass of water – the usual pleasantries and then it was time to browse. Of course, there was a bowl of delicate cookies at the register.

There were two racks filled with freshly un-packed samples and about 4-6 bins on the floor stuffed with goods. The style — the usual unusual billowy, a bit crumpled-sometimes-flowy look – you know what I mean. Colors: from white to classic navy, with muted rose colored and some purples in between. Sizes tend to run big but there are some at the very small end.

Prices are posted on a mirror in an artistic fashion a la Sarah: On the racks, mostly dresses ($60) a few linen jackets ($60) and skirts ($45.) I noticed a few striped tank tops ($15) in the bins. many long-sleeved t-shirts ($25) and cardigans ($40), skirts ($45). One bin dedicated to leggings ($15) and another to pants ($50.)

I tried on a lot of pieces, tempted by many – walked out with a classic navy striped dress ($59 marked down from $295).  May have to go back.” – Teri

Where/When: Gut, 217 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Thru August 1, (11am-6pm).