The Marchesa Sample Sale is underway in the far west-side of Chelsea. The sale is often a mob scene and this time wasn’t any different. Mushkie who got there first thing this morning tells us about her findings inside and also the horrible time she had before she got in.

“I’ve never gone to the Marchesa sample sale before and heard complaints from previous years about rude women from Long Island ruining the sale.

I paid no attention to that and decided to give this season’s Marchesa sample sale a try. Boy, are those rumors true! I came into the building at 8:45am and there was a line of about 50 women waiting outside. I took a picture to show you guys how long the line was. At least three women came over to me telling me to delete the photo and one said she was a lawyer and will sue if the picture goes online. Needless to say, we never posted those images.

I made it into the press event a few minutes before the sale opened to the public. At 10am, I heard stampeding and shouting in the showroom.

Now, let me get to the sale which is divided into five categories – one rack of Marchesa Voyage had some really good deals (tops/skirts/pants are just $35, blazers at $65 and dresses just $50).

Handbags are on a table near the register and are priced at $600 each. Each one is unique and different. In my opinion, they’re a lovely addition to any special occasion.

The Marchesa Collection and Marchesa Notte are arranged by color. Each Marchesa gown is label with a colored sticker:  Yellow = $300, Red = $600, Blue = $900 and Green = $1200. Some gowns have pictures of celebrities attached to it, showing what stars have worn a particular gown. Lots of beaded and dazzling options here!

Marchesa Notte are the best deals. Each item is $100 or 3 for $250. Dresses/gowns dominate this section, but I also spotted tops and jackets; brocade and suede overcoats; feathered and fur short jackets.

Last section is the bridal gowns found in a different room. Gowns start at $300 and top off to $2500+. There are 3 fitting rooms, and one is specifically designated for bridal try-ons only.

Staff were very helpful, calm, and friendly. They were answering questions and strictly enforcing the 6 item limit in the fitting room.

Some woman were working in teams grabbing gowns to try on in shifts because of the 6 item limit. I saw one women guarding 30 gowns but I didn’t want to be sued so no picture.

Selection was great when I came in. When I was leaving, racks were emptying out looking bare. When I left, there was a line outside the showroom. The policy is one in one out.

If you’re in the need of a drop dead stunning dress head over ASAP. The sale is scheduled to go through this Wednesday but there’s no restocking. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to cancel the last day.” – Mushkie

Where/When: 601 West 26th Street (b/w 10th & 11th Aves), Suite 1420. June 22-24; Mon (10am-8pm), Tues (10am-7pm), Wed (10am-5pm). Cash & Credit Card Accepted.