Additional discounts are now being offered at the Alexis Bittar sample sale in Soho. Mushkie checked the baubles yesterday and gives us her findings:

“After hearing about the whopping 40% extra discount I headed over to the Alexis Bittar later in the evening. It was pretty quiet when I first came in but then the after work crowd filled the space up.

Prices have gone up from last year’s June sale. I saw many cuffs that were $75 last time now selling for $125. Last time, markdowns were 25% off and now it’s 40% off. So prices have gone up but the reduction is higher as well.

Tables are set up with trays and displays of the jewelry. The further in you go into the venue the higher the pricing is.

Bangles start at just $22 (they were $35). Trays of neon colors dominate this table. Popular lucite studded bangles are also in abundance and are now $39 (were $65)

Necklaces priced at $35 (now $21) and $50 (now $30) were available at another table but I did not see any $35 necklaces and a sales associate meaning that table confirmed they were all sold out. The now $30 necklaces are the same ones they had last time the half moon and the circle necklaces.

There is another table of $60 (was $100), $75 (was $125), and $90 (was $150) necklaces. This seem to be the last few left.

There’s a gorgeous selection of earrings and stand-out rings. If your in need of some statement jewelry, head on over to these tables and check out the cuffs too. Many Intricate and artsy pieces here.

It seems like whatever is out is what they have. They were consolidating jewelry onto different tables and they packed away a table and brought it downstairs. There is a big selection of bangles and earrings, but rings and necklaces are going fast. Sale ends Saturday.” -Mushkie

Where/When: 151 Wooster St. Nov 10-14; Tues-Wed (10am-8pm), Thurs-Fri (9am-7pm), Sat (10am-6pm).