Prices have been slashed at the Kiki de Montparnasse sample sale which goes through this Sunday in Soho. We went back to see what was left. Mushkie has our report:

“There’s now an additional 50% off markdown. This means, you can get the luxe brand for pennies on the dollar! Some items are now well over 90% off retail!

As expected, there’s slim pickings left. Lots of styles I saw the first day are gone.

The racks of soft bras are mostly bralettes and available in nude. I spotted 3 navy ones. There’s only a handful of bodysuits left all in nude and size medium or large. Wrap teddies are also scarce. I saw 5 white ones, 1 purple, and 1 black; also only available in size medium or large.

There are still some Demi underwire bras but none in size D. There is still a nice amount of sample bras ($15)!

Size small is basically sold out in bras, tops, and bodysuits.

Tuxedo tops ($20) are available in all sizes besides small. Swimwear ($20/$25/$30) is still available in all sizes and so is the empire dress ($48)

There are different erotic accessories that weren’t there the first day; paddles, blindfolds, and belts.

The table of books is moved to the middle of the venue. There is a shelving with vases, containers, and candle holders. They seem worn and were probably used as decoration in the store.

The panty rack is now where the book table was the first day. There is still a variety, and they are divided by sizes.” – Mushkie

Where/When: 151 Wooster Street (south of Houston). Thru Sunday Jan 17th; Thurs-Fri (11am-7pm), Sat (10am-7pm), Sun (10am-4pm).