A line that never ends...

I expected a mob scene since this was the first day of the sale but I had no idea.  Shoppers stood in line at least 2 hours just to get into the sale – some reportedly waited for 4 hours.  Inside, there was a wait to try on shoes.  Apparently, shoppers had to take a number in order to be served.  And then, another wait to pay for your merchandise.

At one point, a tussle started at the sale’s entrance where a group of women cut the line.  Tempers flared and the situation got ugly so sale organizers had to call NYPD to restore order.  Those women should have known they couldn’t get away with cutting the line when you’re dealing with an angry mob of single-minded shoppers who had spent their Sunday for a chance at getting their hands on an item with the Tory Burch label.

I spoke to a group of women leaving the sale. They got there at 9:30 am and finally walked out with their plastic bags filled with goodies — five hours later. One of the shoppers who came looking for work clothes said she braved the line because she loves the Tory Burch brand.  For her, it was well worth the wait.  I took pictures of what she bought (see below) – a navy linen-blend blazer ($125), a hot pink floral print cotton dress ($95) and Birkenstock-styled sandals ($95).  Another woman coming out bought a sleeveless green signature Tory Burch dress ($95, see below) and a handbag ($175).  She stood in line for 3 hours with her mother.  The two shoppers took a train into the City from New Jersey.  I overheard one woman say that she had planned on maxing her credit card at this sale.

This sale takes place through Friday June 5th.  Ladies, don’t panic if you’re still putting together your summer wardrobe.  Sale organizers will be restocking daily.  I just couldn’t bring myself to wait in line today.  I’ve been to the Tory Burch sales in the past and my experience is that you’ll still find some nice things a few days into the sale.  On top of that, prices will be slashed on the last two days of the sale.

Where/When: Clothingline, 261 W 36th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, second floor. Sunday, May 31st thru Friday, June 5th. Sun 11-5pm; Mon 10- 7pm; Tue-Thu 11-7pm. Fri 10-6pm.