Barneys Warehouse Sale- Extended

With tomorrow (Tuesday) being the extended last day of the Barneys Warehouse Sale, Fashionable Femme Jen braved today’s crowd to give us an update…. While the selection is really bottom of the barrel, the discount might just be worth you stopping in on the last day.

Even with an online sale preceding the annual warehouse event in NYC, there is no shortage of merchandise at the Barney’s warehouse sale this year. In fact, it seemed like clothes from years past are still resurfacing!

If you are in the market for affordable designer duds—Good News! Prices have been slashed further. Women’s main floor items were mostly an additional 75% off, with sportswear at 70% off and shoes and designer items at 60% off the sale price.  When I stopped by the sale Monday afternoon, it was mobbed. The line was 60+ people deep and the floor was pretty crowded. By now, a lot of the shoe selection is depleted, though I did spot a pair of black patent Giannotti Giuseppe heels and a pair of black Lanvin booties going for $159.60 (with today’s discount) that were pretty basic. The bag bins are less full, though there are still piles of underwhelming Barney’s house brand bags and a lot of damaged goods.

On the racks, I spotted a Marc Jacobs summer blue pinstripe sweetheart dress in sizes 2,4 and 6 for $49.75 (after discount). There is also a crème Etoile by Isabel Marant dress in size 2 for $59.75 (after discount). The one item I seem to see an abundance of today is a black and purple print V-Neck  Richard Chai Love dress priced at $94.75 (after discount). There also is a good showing of Marc Jacobs across racks and Altuzarra in the designer section.

Overall, it seems that the selection is somewhat replenished for Labor Day shoppers, though I’m not sure that quantity can justify a substitution in quality. If you haven’t braved the crowds and are still debating whether or not to go, I’ll say this—the pricing is definitely a selling point. If you’re lucky, you can walk away with designer goods normally priced at four figures for under $100. What you have to endure to get there is digging through endless racks of stuff, waiting in long checkout lines, wading through the mass of shoppers and keeping a keen eye for damaged and unworthy merchandise. Is it worth it? Up to you…

Where/When: 255 W. 17th Street. Thru Tuesday, Sept 4th. (9-9p).

Barneys Warehouse Sale