There were few takers at the Fendi sale in Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion this morning. Even after waiting in line at 8:30am, many women walked out empty handed, including me.  There was no scoring a fabulous handbag here.

The items on sale were expensive. The high-end brand’s sought-after handbags were mostly 60% off the regular price. The medium and large bags were between $1,200 to $2,000 retail – sale price from $480 to $800 … Small bags were on sale from $200-$400.  The prices for wallets, scarves and sunglasses weren’t too bad.  I spotted a checkbook wallet for my mother on sale for $250 and a scarf for $150.  But, after a second look, I decided to pass on them.  Also on offer were pieces from the brand’s women’s ready-to-wear collection as well as fur.  No shoes on sale.

Pricing structure went like this:  items with green dots were 55% off, yellow dots 60% off, blue dots 70% off and red dots 75% off.

Where/When:  123 W. 18th St. b/w 6th & 7th St.  June 23-24 T 8-8pm, W 9-3:30p

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