After venturing out last night during Fashion’s Night Out, I have to say that the event is not what is used to be. The atmosphere on the streets (at least where I was: 57th St and Fifth Ave) had none of the excitement and electricity as previous years.  Many of the high-end designers in the area really scaled back this year.  Tiffany’s was pretty empty. No events there. Unlike last year’s spectacle, where the store set up a disco on the main floor. Gucci and Prada weren’t doing anything either.  Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles were the only celebs inside Prada. Other than that, there was a pianist but none of the festive bubbly to accompany the music.

The happenings were at some major retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman where I found a number of celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour and Rachel Zoe. We ended up skipping both Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue and going home early… The Mister accompanied me again this year to take snapshots.  Check out his slideshow.

Fashionable Femme Jen also ventured out. Jen started in Midtown and ended up downtown.  She had a similar assessment of the evening:

I dragged my boyfriend around 5th Ave last night and we were both pretty disappointed. The previous years were absolutely spectacular in comparison. Van Cleef had nothing going on (they had the best champagne the last few years). I was in line at Bergdorf to get a copy of Vogue signed by Anna Wintour, but she left after 10 minutes of signing (I was among the first 100 people in line and couldn’t believe she just upped and left) leaving many, many disheartened fans.

At 7pm, we ended up going down to Soho to have a look, and didn’t find anything special there either. Most of the stores that had events were mobbed (and those “events” paled in comparison to previous years). The highlight for me was getting a “makeover” at the Balm shop-in-shop at Duane Reade (a little unexpected) on my walk home.