The Fashionhaus Showroom at 58 West 40th Street (9th Floor) carries American and European designers. This week, the showroom is hosting its fall sample sale. This one is one we like to check out because of the luxurious pieces from Designers who are truly high-end.

Think executive attire, casual chic, luxe outerwear, cocktail, dinner tops, Sunday lounge.

Pricing is wholesale or less – such as Allude cashmere sweaters on sale for $200-$300, Harvey Faircloth jackets starting at $350, by Malene Birger starting at $250.

Designers include the following:

A N N E  V E S T     A L L U D E     F A B I A N A  P I G N A    S P E N C E R  V L A D I M I R

B Y  M A L E N E   B I R G E R     H A R V E Y  F A I R C L O T H     G – L A B

F I L  N O I R      O D E E H     R E N E  L E Z A R D

Many of the pieces are gorgeous and includes well-tailored pieces (jackets and pants), plush cashmere sweaters, fun cocktail dresses and more.

The showroom is airy and spacious with plenty of light. Staffers are very friendly. This is not like most sample sales. This one you feel like you’re shopping in a well-organized boutique.

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