The Montblanc Friends and Family sale kicked off this morning to what looks like a large crowd. Check out the line above outside 260 Fifth Avenue… A tipster emailed us the photo (thank you!).  She reports that organizers are letting in a limited number of people (5) and only letting in shoppers as those inside leave. The sale offers discounts on luxury fountain pens, jewelry, watches, and accessories.

According to the flyer, you must present a copy of it (see below) to be admitted into the sale Apparently, purchases are limited to a maximum of 5 items.  Sale is only for two days and ends tomorrow

Where/When:  260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28th & 29th Street).  Oct 22-23; Mon (9-5:30p), Tues (9-5p). Credit Cards Accepted. No CASH.

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