Three brands, Faith Connexion, A Peace Treaty and FashionKind join forces this week for a sample sale in Soho. Fashionable Femme Jen checked out the preview and gives us her take:

“The crowd is light at 260 Sample Sale’s Greene St. location Monday evening during the Preview for this week’s Faith Connexion, A Peace Treaty and FashionKind sample sale. Inside, the merchandise is ready for picking and the selection is full of interesting pieces from each of the brands. Faith Connexion items run on a ~50%  discount, while FashionKind items are all 60% off retail price. An abundance of scarves by A Peace Treaty are on offer in the various bins. A smattering of Coclico Fall/Winter shoes are available in the back in limited sizes. Shared dressing rooms are available in the back.

While items are still pricey, there is a diverse selection (especially for smaller sizes) and the discount is decent, if you’re looking to pick up one-of-a-kind leather or Faith Connexion pieces. Faith Connexion items of note include the Rustle Silk dress in black for $250, a men’s black leather sleeveless vest (painted) for $400 (orig. $816), the women’s Sailor Bomb jacket (in white/navy) for $350 and a variety of leather pieces for $400.

Assorted offerings from FashionKind include a VOZ black suede + knit skirt for $252 (orig. $630), a VOZ black + white long skirt for $396 (orig. $990), one-of-a-kind painted Big Mac jean overalls for $158 (orig. $395), a KowTow trench dress in black or hunter green for $144 (orig. $360), a Laura Siegel black jersey dress (very comfy!) for $82 (orig. $205) and Ryan Roche bodysuits in assorted colors for $174 (orig $435). There are bins of Peace Treaty scarves ($45 for woven and $65 for knit) along the perimeter and assorted black leather bags in the back. May be worth the trip for fans of the brands.” – Fashionable Femme Jen of Style Curated.

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