If you’re looking to update your workout gear, you may want to stop into the Equinox sample sale taking place in NoMad through this Sunday, April 8th. A fellow shopper (thanks, Teri!) stopped in yesterday and gives us her take:

“Found out about the sale on Sample Sally, of course. But what drew me in was the red North Face bag on top of the pile of grey duffel bags featured on a fashion blog. I knew it would not be there by the time I arrived but I ventured in from Brooklyn anyway. Of course, I need no more bags but been looking for a red duffel for awhile — all mine are khaki-colored and all the gym-type bags I found at my usual places — TJMax, Century 21, Marshall’s — are to put it mildly, poorly made, even the brand named ones.

OK, the sale. Got there about 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Not sure why I was surprised but there was a line and it was raining. Actually, at this point just a drizzle and only about 6-8 people on line. The people who organize the sale were really nice (something I don’t always find at these sales.) Handed out tickets to those waiting in line, and the wait ended up being only about 5 minutes. The station to check your coat/bags (of course, bags — multiple bags) impressed me as well.

Went directly to the back where the bags were — shifted through every bag, every bin, found mostly black and gray faux luggage, gym bags $150 and up — not what I was looking for. Ready to leave, and then out of the corner of one eye, I say a RED duffel. Not the North Face I wanted but it was RED and really good quality by a company called Fitmark. Never heard of them. $100 retail. Did the math — $35 plus tax. Through the bag over my shoulder and then took a quite look at the rest of the goods — all seemed overpriced for what they were and I’d do better at those usual haunts. So headed to the cash register, put all my other bags in my shiny new RED duffel and went back into the rain.” – Teri

If you happen to stop into the sale, we’d love to hear what you thought and whether you found anything in comments below.

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