It’s the season for what should be really great deals at retailers in New York City… Larry Label Whore checked out two iconic high-end department stores in Manhattan.

“It’s usually the happiest time of the year for me when the department store end-of-season sales come around, but not this year. I stopped in to check out the merch at Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman, but left feeling very underwhelmed.

The Barneys sale items, up to 75% off, were relegated to two floors and only a few racks. I asked an associate why there was such a low selection this time and I was told most of the items were moved to online. Thus, no Givenchy, no Balenciaga, no Prada, no Lanvin, no Gucci, no Thom Browne, and many many many more coveted designers. I was extremely disappointed in what I saw. In all of the years I have been going to the Barneys 75% off sale I have never seen it this bad. There weren’t any sale wallets or bags either. It’s safe to say I’ll be crossing Barneys off my list of go-to places soon.

I then stopped at Bergdorfs where their selection was much better, but still only 60% off retail. Usually after Christmas they go down to 75% off. I saw some Givenchy, no Alexander McQueen, Thom Browne was almost all gone, Balmain was almost gone, and lots of Off/White which I’m not into anyway. The only good part of my trip was taking a picture with Michael Kors who was also shopping there.

I haven’t stopped at Saks yet to complete the trifecta, but I’ll check it out after Christmas when they go 70% off because there are some online pieces I really like and they usually have a great selection (but after the Barneys debacle who knows anymore).

All in all very disappointing this time. I love going into a store and seeing an item, trying it on, touching it in person. Now everything is going online so I’m becoming a dinosaur. Call me Larry Label Whoresaurus.”  – Happy Shopping! Larry.