Friday is the last day of the eM Productions sample sale where shoppers will find up to70% off retail on a slew of labels. Fashionable Femme Jen stopped into it and gives us her review.

“All was quiet at the eM Productions sample sale in Soho when I popped in opening day this week. Racks and racks of clothing across multiple labels like Maison Scotch, Ace and Jig, Wren, By Zoe, Seneca Rising, MYNE, Lily Black and more. Along with clothing, there are a few cute totes and purses available and a short stack of shoes (mostly Dolce Vita pumps and booties). There is a small changing area in the back to try things on. This sale is cash only, so make sure you hit up the ATM beforehand.

Women’s highlights include a short sleeve Maison Scotch multicolor striped cotton tee for $30 and a ¾ length Red with Navy and white stripe top for $40. For $100, you can walk away with a color block navy and yellow sleeveless dress by Wren or 4 items from the $25 bins filled with Ace and Jig items. Other items of note are the Lily Black sequin shorts (in a zigzag pattern) in peach for $70, a couple white Iro jean skirts with a print in Size 0 for $70 each and Seneca Rising dresses for $70-$80. I spotted a white fur jacket for $600!

There is a lot of indie designer merchandise at this sale and it certainly takes effort to dig! Stop by if you’re in the area or are a fan of any of the brands or enjoy laid back design.”
-Fashionable Femme Jen

Where/When: 636 Broadway (at Bleecker St), Suite 720, NY, NY; Thru June 14; Daily (10am-7pm).