The Diptyque sample sale is back at Century 21’s downtown flagship. Past sales have proved to be insane, drawing huge crowds and lines. It appears that this time around is no different.

A tipster (Thanks, D!) checked out the sale this morning and she doesn’t have great news!

Here’s her report:

“…Complete waste of time. The salesman said the floor was full of merchandise in the morning but they were completely wiped out within a couple of hours. There are only five sparsely field racks of candles and perfumes. The candles mostly smell like Christmas candles.

The only item that was not perfume or a candle is a wick cutter.  There are NO toiletries.” – Deme (of Libations and Dining on Instagram)

To make matters worse, sales staff confirmed that they will NOT be restocking! If you happen to stop in, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think and find…

Where/When: Next Century, 21 Dey Street, New York, 10007; Sept 24-26; Mon-Tues (8am-9pm), Wed (8am-3pm).