The Derek Lam sample sale in Soho (151 Wooster Street) is going through tomorrow, Sunday December 9th. We stopped in last night to find plenty of merchandise which includes the label’s main collection pieces as well as 10 Crosby and various Linda Farrow sunglasses and frames.

This is a true sample sale where a majority of the apparel are actual samples. Yesterday, they were offering an additional 50% off if you bought 3 items of the Derek Lam pieces.

There were more Derek Lam samples than the brand’s diffusion line. As you walk in, you’ll see tops and blouses, then dresses on racks as well as pants, skirts. In a corner are a few gowns. The 10 Crosby was towards the back along with random footwear (selection wasn’t great for these!).

The sunglasses are displayed on tables. While there were Linda Farrow eyewear (priced as marked, $160), we also saw Ann Demeulemeester eyewear ($130) in the mix as well as Derek Lam eyewear at $50.

We thought the best deals were the Derek Lam pieces (tops and dresses) at just $100 (discounted more if you bought more). While most of the offerings were actual samples (size 4), they did have a few production pieces in a range of sizes. You’ll need to dig for those!

A communal dressing room is situated in the back.