Sunday's La Perla Sale Line

Sunday's La Perla Sale Line

Sunday’s spring-like temperatures brought out plenty of La Perla fans.  I waited about 45 minutes to get inside the sale on W.58th Street across from the Plaza. I’m a huge fan of the Italian luxury lingerie label so I couldn’t resist heading over there on the first day.  I was surprise to find a line outside but it was worse inside the sale.  The crowd in the small room made it difficult to look at anything.  Just four hours into the sale and place already looked a mess.

Items are up to 80 percent off the retail price.  La Perla bras are going for $70 or 2 for $130; Malizia by La Perla and La Perla Glamour bras are $50 or 2 for $90.  As for bottoms, La Perla is $50 or 2 for $90, the lower end brands are $30 or 2 for $50.  There are also swimsuits (2-piece and one-piece) for $60 or 2 for $100.  Bustiers are $75.  La Perla’s sleepwear, Journelle, is $50-$60.  Also on offer were a smattering of accessories, including slippers for $20.

With the mob scene and the line to the register that snaked around the room, I decided not to spend my gorgeous Sunday afternoon inside a stuffy room so I left empty handed.  I wasn’t alone.  I overheard two women who were clearly not impressed with the selection and prices.  They headed downtown to Century 21 to look there for lingerie.  Despite these complaints, there were plenty of other shoppers in line with armfuls of merchandise.  Some women brought their husbands or boyfriends to the sale.  I overheard one couple arguing about the woman’s finds; the guy was asking his girlfriend if she really needed hundreds of dollars worth of sexy undies.  Her reply:  “but they’re beautiful! I can’t make up my mind.”


Where/When: 4 W. 58th St., nr. Fifth Ave (212-920-1211); Thru November 11th, M–W (10–6)

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