Great deals on fashion jewelry can be had at the Janis Savitt sample sale taking place through Tuesday, April 30th. Here’s a report from Sabrina:

This brand is known for bold, fashionable accessories.

At the sale, there are bins filled with earrings, bracelets, and necklaces while the fine jewelry is on display. The bins (and the plastic bags the jewelry is stored in) are all labeled and organized by price.

Basic jewelry (smaller earrings, hoops, bangles) starts at $5 and larger hoops and earrings are $10-$15. Necklaces are $5-$40 depending on the style. Rings are $35-$45 and fine jewelry ranges but it was all pretty affordable given the nice quality and considering how lovely are the pieces are.There was a large variety of single and double cobra bracelets that the brand is well known for. They were in the $20-$45 range.

The privately held sale is held in a unit in a Midtown building. It is small and intimate which made everyone feel welcome. By the time I left, I was laughing and joking with the other customers.

This sale is a must, if you’re interested in either fashion, statement, and/or fine jewelry. There are very nice pieces, all extremely affordable. Enjoy!” Sabrina Theresa

Where/When:  Janis Savitt, 200 West 58th Street, Suite 12-B, New York, 10019; Thru April 30; Daily (9am=7pm)