The fashion jewelry and clothing line, Dannijo, is hosting a sample sale at its showroom in Chelsea at 263 11th Avenue.

The brand is known for vintage-inspired pieces. When we stopped in we picked up a bracelet that truly was vintage. It wasn’t included in the sample sale but they sold it to me for 25% off the retail price.

While we didn’t walkout with anything from the sample sale, there were shoppers who had luck in finding something they liked.

The sale is very organized with earrings, necklaces and bracelets neatly displayed on tables in the showroom. Prices were marked we saw earrings for $40 and $88. Necklaces for under $100. Take a look at the gallery below and you’ll see the range of styles.

Besides jewelry, there are silk slip dresses for $20 but the selection was quite limited. Let’s hope the restock.

There were also straw bags (small and medium) perfect for the summer – all under $100. Sale ends on Thursday, June 27th.