The Chloe sample sale gets underway and opens to the public today in Soho, going through this Sunday, March 10th. We attended last night’s preview but no pictures were allowed so we’ll do our best to describe what we found.

Here’s our report from Deme:

“The sale has both Chloe and it’s diffusion line See by Chloe. There is clothing, shoes, accessories and bags for both labels. I usually just come for the clothing however this year was the first year I walked away empty handed. There wasn’t nearly as much clothing as in previous years. Although they were still bring pieces up I noticed.

Plus every Chloe item I picked up, be it a blouse, dress or pair of pants was $2,000 to $3000 which means at 80% off it still will set you back $400 to $600.

Shoes seemed more reasonable as most were originally $695 plus 70% off. Beautiful summer sandals as well as boots. Be cautious of the sample boots. A woman tried on a pair in which the left heel was ~1.5” taller than the right.

There many bags but the only popular bag I noticed was Marcie (No Faye bags).” Deme


  • Ready-toWear 80%
  • Shoes 70%
  • Sample shoes $100
  • Bags 50%
  • Accessories and jewelry 70%

See By Chloe

  • Acces $40-85
  • See tops $40
  • Dress $60