The C. Wonder store in Columbus Circle is expected to shut its doors tomorrow (Saturday)… Today, we checked inside to see what was left at the Flatiron store which will remain open for another two weeks.  While there were empty shelves, Mushkie tells us there was still plenty to be had.

“Despite it’s cheerful and sunny countenance, you can tell the end is near for C. Wonder. Shelves are more than half empty and one shelving unit is completely bare. There are mugs, cards, cheeseboards and jewelry boxes in the not common letters left.

There is a shelving and a table full of jeans. Lots of tops and jackets are available. I also spotted dresses and a handful of skirts. There are two sets of pajamas left in size Large. There are plenty of wallets and some small purses.

There are a few tables of odds and ends and knickknacks. Yo-Yos, beach balls, coasters, handkerchiefs, scarves, plates, iPhone cases, wine stoppers and other random items are accessible.

There are tons of flats in a variety of styles and sizes stacked against the wall. Styles available are Leah, Brittany, Peacelove2, Bee, Kissme2, Zoey, Cwwillow, Giraffe, and Hello.

Majority of the shoppers were at the jewelry section. There were necklaces and earrings and staff were constantly restocking the bracelets.

Everything is 75% off. Staff members were pleasant and eager to help, although the manager had no comment if there will be further reductions. C. Wonder in Columbus Circle closes tomorrow and the one in Flatiron will close the second week of February.” – Mushkie

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