wine stopper

I’m not a fan of C. Wonder but I was in the neighborhood so I briefly stopped into 260 Fifth Avenue to take a look… The space was busy with shoppers looking for deals.

Inside you’ll find lots of home goods in the main space. Plenty of colorful merchandise was organized by product on tables. There was a lot of stuff and, with time limit, I focused on housewares and gift items.

If you’re into having items with your initials on them, there was a long table with inexpensive miscellaneous stuff initialed from A to Z. Highlights include stationary ($5), paper napkins/paper coasters ($5), wine stoppers/salt & pepper shakers ($15) and more. Many of these items were about 50% off the retail price.

There were also plenty of frames/candles ($10), decorative boxes $15 and large trays/vases $35. In my opinion, not fantastic quality but the look and colors weren’t too bad.

Along one wall were clothing for women from outerwear/jackets at $70 to dresses at $55, tops $35 and tees & tanks at $15.

One of the busiest areas was the jewelry section. Women and even one man was picking through the mess of bracelets and necklaces ($18). They appeared determined to find something to walk out with. Other deals include footwear (flats, sandals, boots and heels at $35 and $65). There were also handbags/totes ($45) and clutches ($25).

Where/When: 260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28th and 29th Sts). April 15-20 (Tues-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 10am-3pm).

C Wonder sample sale_20140415_022


initial cheese board

colorful napkin holders

decorative dishes

small notebook of random musings