Chan Luu is hosting a sample sale at the label’s showroom in Midtown. Teri has our report:

“Exhausted and overwhelmed are the two words that come to mind after spending a good part of the afternoon at the Chan Luu sample sale – the first day of the 3-day sale of what I would call nature-inspired, Bohemian style jewelry by Vietnamese designer Luu, who started selling her wares out of her garage in Los Angeles – and I am not alone. On the way out, three other shoppers agreed there was something exceptionally overwhelming about this sale; and that the next stop would be a strong cup to coffee to recover.

Some sales are more overwhelming than others. Why this one? There is so much stuff that looks very similar but different enough that it takes a critical eye to navigate; ALL at really good prices.

There are just rows and rows and rows of bracelets with all sorts of beads, shells, lot of pearls, some stones – all colors and hues of the rainbow and more — (pull tie for $5 – few to be had – single wrap to three-wrap from $20 to $25.) There also are tables and shelves filled with necklaces (short for $20; long for $40) of the same, some with tassels, some with bigger even more beautiful stones. One warning: some of the stones and/or beads are skulls – hard to tell at times – and/or crosses and other religious symbols. Very exotic two-stoned “cocktail” rings are a steal for only $10-20. Great deals on chokers at 5 for $10.

In addition to the jewelry, there are skinny scarves – 3 for $10; some sweaters ($30-40) – mostly in the markdown section; brown and khaki colored pants ($20), some flowery shirts and dresses.

Since there was more supply than demand, I focused my time in the blow-out section, where everything was 50 off the listed prices.

In the end, I walked with the same stuff I always get and said WHY? But now that I am home and settled in with my decaffeinated coffee and I can see “Chan Luu” engraved in all my purchases, I am more than pleased with my new stash.

Some other sale tips:

·        You have to check everything at the front of the showroom; and I mean everything except your wallet and/or phone.

·        There is only one long mirror, which creates a challenge but enhances the bonding experience between shoppers (at least when I was there)

·        There is a restroom, if you want to try on the clothes; and

·        The salespeople at the front desk were exceptionally nice about pricing items (more so than the staff on the floor.”

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