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Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale Continues

The Paragon Sports warehouse sale goes through this Sunday, September 18th. This is the store's biggest sale of the year and it offers plenty of merchandise for all sorts of sports. We checked out the sale over the weekend and it continues to draw a huge crowd: "In the words of a Paragon Store employee "keep walking straight and you'll see the mayhem" Mayhem a plen[...]

Deals on Activewear at the Bandier Warehouse Sale

Bandier, the luxury destination for activewear is having its first warehouse sale. Known for discovering the latests high-end fitness apparel, the shop is offering discounts on leggings, athletic bras and tops, accessories, footwear, and more. If you're looking to update your workout gear, you may want to check out this sale. They carry a slew of brands, including [...]


The Asics sample sale opens to the public on Tuesday at 260 Fifth Avenue. We attended yesterday's preview. Mushkie has our report: "The Asics sale venue was very quiet on opening night. Setup and pricing is the same as their last sale in March. Half the merchandise available is sneakers! Abundant of choices for men ($40), women ($40) and children ($20) in every [...]

Update on Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale

Last night, we checked into the Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale which goes through this Sunday. The sale floor was packed with bargain hunters rummaging through the deals. One of our readers gave us an extensive report on what she found on the first day of the sale. She didn't take any photos so we thought we'd take a look at the offerings on this second week. It's a[...]

Paragon Sports Annual Warehouse Sale Underway

It's become an annual event after Labor Day… the Paragon Sports blowout warehouse sale which kicked off this morning with markdowns from 50% to 80% off retail. The event takes place in a large part of the store at Union Square. Entrance is on West 18th Street (b/w Broadway & 5th Avenue). On offer is a large selection of sports merchandise and athletic wear. The[...]

Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale is Underway

A line had formed Tuesday morning around the block for the start of the Paragon Sports annual warehouse sale. Many of these early birds appeared to know what they were after… Athletic footwear is one of the biggest draws at this sale where merchandise is 50% to 80% off retail. Many of the shoppers this morning made a bee-line for the sneakers which are organized on[...]

Paragon Sports Annual Warehouse Sale

Great deals on sneakers, ski/snow gear and sports equipment at the Paragon Sports Annual Warehouse Sale which kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday) at Union Square. Merchandise will be discounted from 50% to 80% off retail. The sale offers so much stuff from footwear, sportswear, snowboarding, cycling, camping, running and so much more. Some of the brands represented wi[...]