The Brunello Cucinelli sample sale got underway yesterday on Madison Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets. At 60% off retail, we ask if this sale is worth it. That depends on your budget.

We stopped in on the first day and they were fairly busy. Many of the shoppers appeared to be regular customers, accustomed to paying the expensive retail price points. Therefore, we suppose this sale is a savings for them.

There is no denying the quality if this brand – made in Italy of fabrics from the best mills and highest quality cashmere. We particularly love the plush cashmere pieces.

If you can afford it, the good news is there’s a lot of product at this sale both for men and women. Although, sizing is limited. Much of the men’s stuff were in size medium. The women had more of a range but ran mostly small or medium. Women’s shoes are mostly in size 37 (the showroom sample). Men’s had a bit more choice but we spotted mostly size 43 or 42.

As for the price-points, we’ll list a few standout pieces to give you an idea.

Fur trim women’s puffer coat was $2,158 (orig. $5,395), wool/cashmere coats were around that same price. Women’s cashmere sweaters ranged from $800 – $1,200 (orig. $2,000-$3,000), women’s cabled sweater with crystal embellishment was (orig. $3,335), cashmere leggings were $440 (orig. $1,100), a cotton sweatshirt $332 (orig. $830), basic cashmere men’s pullover was $434 (orig. $1,085). A pair of cashmere women’s socks were $344 (orig. $860).

For footwear, women’s leather flats embellished with crystals were $450 (orig. $1,125), women’s sneakers were $474 (orig. $1,185), men’s dress shoes were around $454 (orig. $1,135). Handbags ranged in price from $1,120-$1,400 ($2,800-$3,500). Sale ends on Friday. Let’s hope they drop the prices further.

Where/When: 625 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor. Dec 14-18; Daily (9am-5pm).