Image via Brunello Cucinelli

The Brunello Cucinelli holiday sale got underway this morning… Our insider, Larry Label, checked out the goods.  For many of you familiar with the label, you’ll know that the original prices tend to be a bit steep (Afterall, this is a label known for its quality fabrics and workmanship,  such as luxurious cashmere and wool made in Italy).  For Larry, the 60-percent off markdown was not enough of a deal:

The sale had a good assortment of various sweaters, pants, shirts, and jackets, but the prices were horrible!! 60% off is nothing when the original prices are in the thousands.  Sweaters ran over $1000 before the discount and shirts were at least $500 before the discount.  I could get better prices at Saks end of season sales or at Woodbury Commons.

The shoe selection was terrible too. The shoes looked worn out and not new. The shoes also retailed for at least $1000 which means you would have to pay a few hundred dollars, at least.  I could get much cheaper shoes from Ferragamo or Gucci or even the department store sales. There wasn’t a big selection of bags, but they too looked old and worn out. Definitely not worth the prices.

All in all I found the sale not worth going to at all. Stick with the department stores or outlets.

Where/When:  150 E. 58th Street, 3rd Floor, (b/w Lexington & 3rd).  Thru December 9th Daily (9-5p).