Our suggestion: Dress lightly (hint: linen, cotton flowing pieces or even a bathing suit) while shopping at the Kiki de Montparnasse sample sale in Soho. When I stopped in after work yesterday, the space was sweltering. I can only imagine what today will be like!. There was no air conditioning (it didn’t sound like this was going to be remedied) just large floor fans blowing throughout the space. Unfortunately, they weren’t enough. Needless to say, I couldn’t stand the heat for more than a few minutes. Therefore, this review will be short, giving you the basics.

The sale offers what one would expect – lingerie as well as some ready-to-wear. The merchandise neatly hangs on racks by style and size. Pricing is posted on walls throughout the space (see gallery below for the list). Considering the original pricing, there are some deals to be had here. Depending on what you’re looking for there are some nice lingerie, including lace & silk bras and undies, silk slips and camisoles.

The plush cashmere leggings caught my eye tagged at $150. Not bad for the original price of $850. Still too pricey for me. Perhaps, they’ll slash prices towards the end of the sale when the leggings may be worth snagging. There were a few black wide belts ($50) and blindfolds ($35) left.

Examples of sale items include:

  • Slip silk $95 (orig. $550)
  • Thongs $30 (orig. $175-$295)
  • Panties $40 (orig. $95-$250)
  • Silk Boyshort $40 (orig. $425)
  • Bras $40-$50 (orig. up to $350 for a lace/silk combo corselette bra
  • Lace underwire bra $50 (orig. $295)
  • Silk halter long dress $250 (orig. $850)
  • Cashmere leggings $150 ($850)

Where/When: 151 Wooster Street (south of Houston). Thru Saturday, August 1st; Daily (11am-7pm).