By the end of the first day of the Boll & Branch sample sale, the selection was seriously picked over.

Known for its luxe bedding which is grown organically and made ethically, we weren’t too surprised that shoppers already snapped up most of the merchandise. Sale pricing is really good!

The price list is in the gallery below. Highlights include sheet sets from $50-$70 (retails $200-$295). Throw blankets at just $35. Towels are just $12.50, hand towels at $7.50 and washcloths at $5.

Late yesterday, there were no more towels, throws, and almost everything on the price list was no where to be seen except for a few styles of sheet in King and Queen as well as some pillow cases.

There were a handful of bathrobes. Not much else.

Who knew that all these New Yorkers needed to replenish their linens?

But don’t despair. As we were leaving, staffers were taking out hand towels and wash towels.

We’re told they will be restocking but no one could tell us definitively when… If you happen to stop in, let us know what you find.

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