I went to Bing Bang and Bespoke designer Anna Sheffield‘s jewelry sale hoping to find Holiday gifts and I wasn’t disappointed.  I left there buying two mixed metal necklaces (under $50 each) and a sterling silver festive egg bangle set ($43).

I really love her designs and her use of metals, especially her rock and roll-y stuff like her rings and necklaces.  The bevy of baubles at this sale made it really difficult for me to make up my mind on what to purchase.  Sheffield will often mix vintage jewelry pieces she finds into her designs.  You’ll find all sorts of fun necklaces, bangles and earrings for under $50.  Some of the other jewelry – a few in 14k gold and semi-precious stones – were under $150. You’ll also find plenty of the elongated egg-shaped pieces (hand formed and hand hammered); I especially liked many of the bangles and the wrap chain bracelets.

NOTE:  They take credit cards but if you pay cash, they won’t charge tax. The sale is taking place at Sheffield’s showroom in Soho.

Where/When: 153 Lafayette St., nr. Grand St.;  4th Floor;  10/7–10  W (4–8), Th–F (noon–7), S (11:30–5).