It’s summer and time for the end-of-season sales… Larry Label Whore takes a look at the high-end department stores. Here’s his report:
“It’s my favorite time of the year. Well, it used to be. The end-of-season sales at the department stores used to be amazing discounts of 75% off with high-end designers galore. However, now it has turned into not much of a selection with too-high prices. This year, the sales started earlier than usual as they usually go up to 75% off after the 4th of July. I stopped by my usual destinations Barneys, Bergdorfs, and Saks so here is what I found:
Barneys has always had the best discounts and selection. High-end designers like Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga would go down 75% off with still a good number of items left. But starting with the last end-of-season sale most of the items are now sent to their website so the selection has severely deteriorated. On top of that, not everything a certain designer sells goes to 75%. Take for instance Balmain. A Balmain graphic sweatshirt went down 75% off, but a Balmain sweater with ornate buttons on the shoulder is only 60% off. I found this kind of discrepancy for many designers throughout the store. As what happened to their storied warehouse sale, the once-great end-of-season sale is now a distant memory.
I next went to Bergdorfs which usually is the first department store to do their final markdown, but this year they’ve been a little late. When I went they were still 60% off with an extra 25% off sale to make it a total of up to 70% off. They were severely depleted, but i found a nice Givenchy fair-isle sweater which was still too much for me and a pair of Moncler swim shorts for my dad for $110. Their accessories selection had much left to be desired. Not much better than Barneys.
As usual, Saks had the best selection, but not the best prices. While it was very misleading to see online they went to 70% off, I found out in the store it was only for women, while they’re still only 55% off for men. They had some nice pieces from Fendi, Dior, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Burberry, and others, but only 55% off retail is still too much to pay. I’ll definitely go back for their further markdown, but I was not getting anything right now.
All in all, the end-of-season sales are always worth checking out, but don’t expect to find much. It may be worth it just to find that gem no one else sees. Happy Shopping!” -Larry Label Whore