Larry Label Whore continues to check out the high-end department store summer sales. This time, he stopped into Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman.

“As I said in my Saks review, my favorite shopping time of the year is the end of season sales. This time I had to check out the Barneys and Bergdorfs 75% off sales. Unlike the Saks sale, you can return items you change your mind about.

I first stopped at Barneys where you have 9 floors to shop! Most of the items on the main floor are accessories, which are mostly under 60% off. The second and third floors are where high-end designers can be had. I won’t go into specific items, but you’ll find 75% off of shirts, sweaters, pants, and jackets from Gucci, Prada, Armani, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and so on. They usually have Fendi, but it was all gone except for a lone shirt. While 75% off retail is pretty good, you’ll still need to shell out some serious cash considering the original prices for these pieces.

The higher up you go you’ll find more sporty brands like Moncler, Belstaff, Burberry, and Marc by Marc Jacobs for 60-75% off. A lot of the Moncler was gone and the Burberry prices were much better at the Saks sale.

The shoe floor did not have a big selection on sale. Some designers were 60% off, but a lot of them even less than that. The prices for footwear were better at Saks. That said, I did spot a line of men’s Christian Louboutins for 40% off.

I next stopped at Bergdorfs and headed straight to the third floor for their 75% off goods. Most of the sale goods were in racks in the middle of the aisle with some on the walls. There wasn’t a large selection of items left, but if you look long enough you may be able to find something worthwhile. There were some Saint Laurent shirts, Prada sweaters and polos, Alexander McQueen sweaters, and Etro shirts all at 75% off. I did spot a great Etro bathing suit for $69 and Belstaff sweaters for $110. Unfortunately, there was no Gucci at all.

The lower floors had other high-end designers like Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli, but they were only 30-40% off.

I left both Barneys and Bergdorfs empty handed, but if you have the cash to spend there is some nice merch to be had from highly coveted designers. Just don’t break the bank!”-Larry Label Whore

designer list at barneys

wide shot of barneys men's department sale items

louboutins on sale at barneys

barneys designer men's shoes on shelf

75-percent off sale at Bergdorf Goodman

bergdorf goodman sale racks

Bergdorf Goodman Sale Racks